This is what our patients and their loved ones say about us:

Dr. Klineman (out of state son of patient)

“I phoned American Nursing Resources needing a Home Health Aide for my mother right away. She was having oral surgery and I needed someone to take her to the Dentist and stay with her overnight. The problem was I needed someone within a couple of hours. Turns out it was no problem at all…within an hour I received a call back with an assisgned HHA. Problem solved! My mother loved the aide who cared for her and I am very grateful as I live out of state and felt really helpless.

The agency was professional, friendly and I highly recommend their services.”


Gina (out of state daughter of patient)

“My mother went into the hospital last year in late February and did not get discharged until June. We weren’t sure if she was ever coming home, but if she did I wanted to be sure everything would be ready for her. I called American Nursing Resources in March just to get information about what I should do if she got to come home. They were so helpful to me at such a stressful time. They called me every week to see how she was doing and to see how I was holding up. They listened very carefully to my expectations of my mothers care and worked very hard finding the right person to care for her. The first caretaker was very good but not perfect for my mother. They didn’t hesitate to find someone else. Robin was instrumental in helping me deal with the long term care insurance company. My out of pocket expenses went from $120 a day to ZERO!! I was preparing my home to have my mother come live with me but now she is so happy she doesn’t want to come. I owe all of that to Robin and the terrific staff at ANR.”



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